The Troubadours of Desire

Steel, engraving on glass, digital print on silk Habotai, leather, sea shells, candles, lava stones, black tourmaline stone, anise, essential oils (rosewood, sandalwood, amber, rose absolute, ginger, vetiver), dragon’s blood incense, orris root, snake skin, sound, 250 x 350 x 300 cm

*in collaboration with Floricienta Iuvenalis

Sound design: Alex Tomb

Leontios Toumpouris and Floricienta Iuvenalis collaborate to construct a narrative on desire in which rituals, fiction, history and mythology are entangled. An altar dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite accommodates offerings, and limited edition silk scarves and perfumes only for the chosen ones, accompanied by a sound piece that recounts the adventures of the troubadours.

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