Suggestions and Encounters: Physical or Otherwise

Bisque fired clay (Stoneware, Earthenware, Earthstone and Calcium Bentonite), laser engraving on plexiglass, mild steel, leather, nickel plated zinc alloy carabiners and hooks, plastic, rubber, polystyrene, silica, glass, water, calcium bentonite clay, speaker, dimensions variable

Sound, duration: 09:25, text and voice by Leontios Toumpouris, sound design in collaboration with Alex Tomb

Masses of clay, symbols that emerge from clay and become language, tools made of clay, edible calcium bentonite clay diluted in water and humidity indicators exist in a non-hierarchical order to create a circumstance of entanglement. The viewer becomes one of the parameters of the event and they are invited to decipher matter through the sound piece that recounts fragments of the (hi)story of a collective, a tribe and suggests the convergence of bodily processes and alchemical operations within a fictional past, towards a speculative future.

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Physical or Otherwise: Suggestions and Encounters

Editor: Leontios Toumpouris
Co-editor: Marina Toumpouri
Texts: Lampros Alexopoulos, Maria Anastassiou, Seán Elder, James Elkins, Allyson Keehan, Leontios Toumpouris
Graphic Design: Philippos Vassiliades
Edition of 100

Physical or Otherwise: Suggestions and Encounters was published on the occasion of Leontios Toumpouris’ solo exhibition titled Suggestions and Encounters: Physical or Otherwise at The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow. The publication features commissioned and re-edited essays spanning academic, theoretical and experimental responses to notions associated with Toumpouris’ practice. It claims to shed light upon areas of interest of the artist, thus resulting in a collection of propositions rather than an exhibition catalogue.