Relations reversed

Mild steel, carbon steel, bisque and high fired clay (Stoneware, Earthenware, Earthstone and Calcium Bentonite), laser engravings on leather, spray dye, magnets, digital prints on paper, dimensions variable

Relations reversed is a site-responsive installation suggestive of mutable relations of recognition, states of being and becoming.

Imprints of bodies on the ceramic objects are reproduced on strips of leather, overlapping with the characters of an invented language. Vertical steel structures challenge the space’s linearity. Ceramic slabs fired in different temperatures are dissected and scattered in the space. Similarly, the text that the viewers can take from the stacks throughout the space, negotiates correlations between body and matter.

Relations reversed was accompanied by a live sound performance and a screening of films by artists and filmmakers.

Photos: Panayiotis Mina


Live sound performance by Alex Tomb, 66:15 min

Leontios Toumpouris invites DJ and sound designer Alex Tomb to respond to audio recordings of the text that the artist produced for the exhibition.

During the opening Alex Tomb presents a live set of ambient and down-tempo electronica in which language and voices, broken down, dismantled and non-linearly reconfigured, define the rhythm within inherited collective tendencies.

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