Often we feel, we convey and recognise

Mild steel, galvanised steel, paint, laser engravings on bisque fired terracotta, calcium bentonite clay, oxides, digital prints on paper, dimensions variable

With Often we feel, we convey and recognise, Toumpouris brings into focus a substance he has been using in his recent practice to explore ideas of healing, bodily awareness and empathy.

Bentonite clay is formed by volcanic ashes and has therapeutic properties for a broad spectrum of disorders. It acts as a barrier for the transfer of toxic compounds across the skin and decreases the bleeding and clotting time. It can also be consumed due to its ability to absorb negatively-charged toxins from the body.

Often we feel, we convey and recognise is an installation suggestive of bodily developments. Calcium bentonite clay is embedded in the ceramic objects and circulates in the exhibition space and beyond through its residues on the printed text that visitors can take away. The text serves as a broadening device which disturbs the sculptural polarity of metal-ceramic to imply readings and perceptions of in-betweenness beyond heteronormative approaches of dualities.